Sand Casting

Plaque Restoration

Cast bronze and aluminum plaques offer a timeless beauty. Over time, even with regular cleaning, bronze will "patina" or turn a greenish color. This is part of the natural oxidizing process that occurs in the metal. While many customers love the natural beauty of the patina green, others like the look of a finished plaque. Cast aluminum plaques will also corrode over time, losing the original finish. For those who prefer the factory finish for cast bronze or aluminum plaques, we offer restoration services.

Customers often think they need to purchase a new plaque to replace the deteriorated piece they currently have. Shipping the plaque to Franklin Bronze Plaques saves time and money. We will sandblast the plaque to remove any remaining original finish, spray it with your selected background color, sand it again to highlight your raised text and border, and then spray it with a protective lacquer.

Restoring the beauty to the original plaque is often the preferred method over replacing the original plaque. If you are considering restoring a plaque, please forward clear color photos to Estimates are based on the overall size of the plaque and the level of detail involved (graphics, special borders, etc.).

before1 Dedication Restoration after1 Dedication Restoration

before2 Virgin Island Restoration after2 Virgin Island Restoration

before3 Wallis Restoration after3 Wallis Restoration

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